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Vacuum cleaners are probably not amongst the most exciting purchases you’ll ever make. They are not the most loved electrical item in the home, and will probably spend a lot of the time in a cupboard out of the way. But if you get it wrong, you will regret it.

Perhaps you’ve already had several vacuums that haven’t been up to the jobs in terms of power, reliability or construction. You might need a smaller vacuum cleaner now, or perhaps a larger more powerful one if your family has grown. Maybe the spares and consumables like bags and filters, worked out too expensive in the long run.

A lot of people choose their cleaner based on price or size, rather than whether it meets their real cleaning needs. You should choose the vacuum cleaner that’s right for you, rather than solely by price or size. best cheap cordless vacuum cleaner You wouldn’t buy a house solely on price, or a car solely on price, so why buy a vacuum cleaner on price?

The cheapest vacuum cleaner might be just what you need if you have a small home with no stairs, no pets and don’t make a lot of mess. Perhaps you don’t intend to clean your car or furniture with it, and will only use it once a week.

You might decide that a small cylinder cleaner is right for you, as you don’t want a cleaner that is heavy to move around from room to room. You might have lots of crevices that get dusty, and it’s far easier to clean with a cylinder cleaner than with an upright vacuum cleaner.

Alternatively, you might need a cleaner that is powerful to clean up all the pet hair, and family dust and dirt that gets on your carpets. You might need to clean your furniture and possibly even solid floors with your vacuum cleaner.

Depending on your home, you may need a vacuum cleaner for upstairs. This could work out to be much easier than carrying your vacuum up and downstairs several times a week.

There are accessories and additional tools available for a lot of vacuums, to make them more versatile, and more useful. If you need to be able to clean a carpet, a sofa, curtains, a car interior and a hard wooden floor, you might be able to do it with just one cleaner. This will save the additional costs and storage implications of having several different sorts of cleaners that might never be used.

No matter what price vacuum you choose, you will need to budget for items like bags and filters. A lot of modern vacuum cleaners are now bagless, but the less expensive models still use bags. Filters will need cleaning or changing regularly, in order to keep your vacuum cleaner working properly.

If your cleaner isn’t working properly, then you might want to try new filters, different tools or a new hose. If these vacuum spares don’t make cleaning your home easier, why not consider a new vacuum cleaner?

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